Something Fishy is going ! Canon Entry level Dslr 1500D, SL3, T7, 2000D, KissX90 | Read Before your Buy

canon, Delhi Product Photography

If you’re in the market for a DSLR and have been considering getting an entry-level Canon one to save some dough, here’s something you should know: it seems that Canon is hamstringing its latest low-end cameras to be incompatible with affordable 3rd-party flashes.

So, if you thought you were going to be able to save some money by using a third-party accessory, you’re out of luck it seems.

Michael Zhang at PetaPixel explains, The center metal contact point in hot shoes is a standard pin used for brand-independent flash synchronization. When the camera completes the circuit between the hot shoe metal and the central pin, the flash mounted to the hot shoe fires. The other metal contacts within hot shoes are proprietary and are used for communicating specific details between the mounted accessory and the camera.

canon, Delhi Product Photography
canon, Delhi Product Photography

However Godox announced new firmware updates for the V860IIC, X1T-C, TT350C, and V350C that make them compatible with Canon’s center-pin-less hotshoes.

Cameras that have the pin can use third-party flashes that make use of that standard, but those without it can’t.

Pretty simple stuff.

The real question is why Canon decided on making this move all of the sudden.

As many on the Internet are pointing out, flashes and other accessories can be really expensive and third-party options give people price flexibility.

In other words, eliminating compatibility with third-party gear limits consumer options.

Of course, it probably has something to do with money, like all things.

Mike the Maven concludes, “I feel like Canon is playing games with their customers,” Andrew says of Canon’s actions that, “[The company] is engineering future frustrations into their cameras ….Buyer beware. …Locking customers out from using hundreds of accessories. …I think that’s pretty messed up.”

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